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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pheromones The stimulants Sexual Desire In Humans And Animals

Pheromone or pheromones (Greek: Phero which means carriers, and mone meaningful sense) is a type of chemical that serves to stimulate and having sexual allure males and females. This substance is derived from endocrine glands and is used by living things to recognize same-sex, other individuals, groups, and to assist the process of reproduction. Unlike hormones, pheromones spread outside the body and can only affect and be recognized by other similar individuals (one species).

pheromone effect

Pheromones were first discovered in Germany by Adolph Butenandt, scientists also found that human sexual hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. When it was first discovered in insects, pheromones many insects associated with reproductive functions. Scientists initially seen as the equivalent of a pheromone perfume is in the human world.

Pheromone substances first discovered by Jean-Henri Fabre in insects when the spring of the 1870s. He observed great peacock moth type females out of the cocoon and placed in wire cages at his study table, and then he saw that night dozens gathered male moths swarming wire cage on the desk study. "They come from all over, without me know how they found the females on my desk ..." writes Fabre.

Fabre spent the following years studying how male moths find female-female. Fabre came to the conclusion that female moths produce certain chemicals that smells attract male moths. In conclusion Fabre, start new research on pheromones studied.

Pheromones In Animals
Pheromone chemicals play an important role in insect communication. Ants use pheromones as tracers to show the way to food sources. Similarly, the worker ants of various species secrete pheromones as an alarm, which is used when the enemy threatened. pheromones spread in the air to collect other workers.

Pheromones play an important role in insect communication. Ants use pheromones as tracers to show the way to food sources. When a honey bee stings, he did not just leave the needle in the skin of the victim, but also leave a chemical that call other honey bees to attack. Similarly, the worker ants of various species secrete pheromones as an alarm, which is used when exposed to the enemy, pheromones spread in the air and collect other workers. When these ants have met the enemy, they also produce pheromones that signal either increases or decreases depending on the nature of the danger.

When the ant has met the enemy, they also produce pheromones that signal either increases or decreases depending on the nature of the danger. When an ant bite, leaving aside the pain also leave pheromone substance, this is done as a gesture to the colonies that a danger, if the pheromone is wafted by the other ants, it is expected the aid attacks.

Ant that finds a food source leaving traces of chemicals (pheromones) on the ground through a needle in the buttocks. Traces were made to help his friends find a food source.
Many insect pheromones have substance, but each has a function that is similar but not the same.
For example, ants use pheromones to leave a trail, while butterflies use pheromones to attract the opposite sex.

Ant foraging normally assigned duties in a manner that is difficult to explain.
He went to a food source by walking the winding, but returned to the nest with a shorter straight route. How can an ant who can only see a few inches to be able to walk straight ahead?

To answer this question, a researcher named Richard Feynman put a lump of sugar at one end of the tub,
then wait for an ant to come and find it.
When the ant's first come back to the nest, Feynman follow a winding trail.
Then Feyman ants follow next.
Apparently ants, he found that came later did not follow the trail left, they are smarter, taking a cut until eventually a straight-line tracks.

Was inspired by Feynman, a computer scientist named Alfred Bruckstein proved mathematically that the ants that came next was winding trail straighten it. He gets the same conclusion, after a few ants, a long trace can be minimized to the shortest distance between two points in other words, forming a straight line.

What was described earlier course requires skill if done by humans. He would have to use a compass, clock, and more sophisticated equipment to determine the distance. This person must also master the math. Unlike humans, ants signpost is the sun, while the compass is the branch of a tree and other natural landmarks. Ant to remember the shape of these signs, so it can use it to find the shortest route home, even though the route is completely new to him.

Although it sounds easy to say but hard to explain. How could a creature as small as ants, which do not have the brains or the ability to think and consider, do calculations like this?

Communication techniques with trail (follow the trail of scent) are often used by ants. Many interesting examples in this regard. Ant that finds a food source leave traces of chemical compounds in the soil through a needle in the buttocks. Traces were made to help his friends find a food source.

An ant species that live in the desert in the United States issued a special odor
produced in the venom sac if he found the dead insects that are too large or heavy to be carried. Friends of the nest from a distance can detect the odor and near its source. When the number of ants that gather around the prey was enough, they bring insects to the nest

When fire ants split up to search for food, they follow a trail of scent for some time,
then eventually split up and look for food, respectively. Attitudes change when fire ants have found food. When they find food, fire ants back to the nest by walking more slowly and his body close to the ground.

He offers sting at specified intervals and sting ends touching the ground like a pencil to draw a thin line. Thus the fire ants leave a trail that leads to food.
ants act as if they knew well how to find the way. At night, they can find and follow the path that they took to find food in the morning,
even if conditions change.

Along with the development of the science of pheromones, it is understandable turns insects produce a variety of chemicals that affect the behavior of other similar insects. Ants, for example, produce pheromones to attract his friends work together to transport food from distant places to nest. That is why we often see ants walking procession flowed.

Several species of flies, moths and beetles also produce certain chemicals are applied
to the nest where lay their eggs. These chemicals will prevent insects to put
eggs in the same place, thus reducing the competition of new insects will hatch from eggs earlier. Until now, scientists have identified more than 1600 pheromone used by a variety of insects, including pest insects. Since it has been identified, this pheromone can be made synthetically in large quantities. Synthetic pheromones are widely used to serve as insect traps.

Feroman in Humans.
Pheromones in humans are chemical signals that are in the air that can not be detected by odors but can only be felt by the VMO in the nasal / olfactory senses. This signal is generated by a special tissue that is concentrated in the arms. Pheromone signal is received by the VMO and accessible part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This is where the hormonal changes that result in behavioral and physiological responses.

what is a pheromone

Pheromones in humans it also serves as a sexual attraction. The chemists of the Huddinge University Hospital in Sweden even claim that pheromones also had a hand in producing feelings of love, crush, love, sexual desire and even a man in other men.
Sex pheromone, by definition, is the air of chemicals undetectable as odors are called, are produced by the body that triggers a natural behavioral response in the same species.

This hormone is produced by the endocrine glands, can not be seen, can not be considered as well as volatile. The way it works is very simple, when you meet someone, his pheromones will evaporate, then wafted by our most sensitive olfactory organs, then triggers the brain to react. But a lot of people who do not know, they think that's love. Then quickly jump to conclusions that it was Love. Then immediately an interest in it lived, thought a moment and then said the magic words grower shot of love. The goal is not another soul that anxiety subsided as pheromones. Pheromones are processed by small glands in the nose, sending a message to the limbic area of ​​the brain,
also called "Basic Emotions"

When these small glands or vomeronasal organ, also known as VNO, receive pheromone signals,
it sends a message to the brain that creates a subconscious increase in sexual desire.
In women and men. Pheromones can change one's perception of others.

Pheromones are secreted in six areas of the body, underarms, nipples, genitals, mouth, ears and eyes.
Sex pheromones produced mainly from apocrine glands or sweat. These glands are most active during puberty and may explain why we became very interested in the opposite sex at this point in our growth.

While pheromones in animals, the choice of sexual partners is strongly influenced by the sex pheromone-specific signals, which are processed by the central married men and women are located in the anterior hypothalamus.
Although it is impossible to see or smell, strong enough pheromones to attract the opposite sex with a strong magnet.

Frequent modern man becomes repulsive body odor, indicating inadequacies and disgusted. We shower, lather and use shampoo to get rid of the smell and hide our natural pheromones kita.menutupi fragrance with deodorant, and soap sprays.

You know what to do? nobody looks like body odor?
Not advised not shower anyway. There are natural foods that contain pheromones like fresh celery.
Celery contains androsterone enzyme as pheromones in men and can increase libido in women. When the pheromone production increased both men and women are considered more sexually attractive, sociable and friendly.

Adequate testosterone levels in men are needed for the production feromon.Seseorang who exercise regularly generally have higher testosterone levels than those who did not berolahraga.Berkeringat also beneficial for the skin and pores that could squeeze out toxins and helps to distribute the natural pheromones on the skin.

Zinc, which is found in nuts, pumpkin seeds and spinach, increase the production of testosterone, which in turn increases the production of pheromones. While fennel, ginger, licorice, cucumber and asparagus aromas affect the secretion of the body and is a scent that stimulates sexual arousal.
Remember Pheromone or pheromones can cause overwhelming feelings overflowed.

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